NDN on Galileo

NDN on Galileo

Named-data Network (NDN) is a name-based new network architecture. This book explains in detail the steps needed to port NDN onto Intel Galileo Gen2. An All in one package is also provided.

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Special thanks

Many thanks to Professor Ling-Jyh Chen for bringing me into this new research field and giving me much support and resource.

Professor Ying-ping Chen (now a co-author of this book), who supported my projects and discussed with me various problems along the way.

Also to my friend Tock Chiu, who doesn't have a personal website yet but is an expert on compiler. And to Anthony Liu, an active member in Taiwan's embedded community, who taught me many concepts at the instruction level debugging.

Without you, this manual is not possible.

Table of Content

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Chapter 1 All In One Use the All in one package to quickly get started.

Chapter 2 The Whole Story